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Betreff:  ATTENTION ! Your emails temporarily blocked due to unusual activity

Datum:  Fri, 31 Mar 2017 18:31:46 +0200

Von:  Strato AG <abuse@strato.com>

An:  info@xxxxx-xxxxx.de

To Whom It May Concern

Your package is currently being used to send mass spam mails. We have blocked your mailbox to prevent this abuse.

How do we know that your mailbox was used to send spam?

Automatic safety tests are conducted continuously in our data centres. They report any suspicious mailboxes. We assume that the mailbox/mailboxes in question have been hacked. It is likely that unsafe passwords and/or viruses on your local computer facilitated this attack.

How do I unblock my mailbox?

Scan your computer for malware and remove any found.Then log in to your Customer Service Area and change your mailbox password. You will find additional information there on how to unblock your mailbox.

How can you prevent your mailbox from being blocked in the future?

Scan your computer regularly for viruses. Use passwords with at least 8 characters. Make sure they contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers.



E-Mail:    abuse@strato.com

Website: http://www.strato.eu



Pascalstraße 10

10587 Berlin, Allemagne


Conseil de surveillance: Vicente Vento

Directoire: Dr. Christian Böing (présidence), Christoph Steffens,

René Wienholtz

Tribunal d'immatriculation : Berlin Charlottenburg HRB 79450